At Style Infusion we approach interior decorating through an artistic porthole. We are artists creating in 3-D throughout homes and offices in the Washington DC area.

Every facet of a design project is synthesized by our firm to reinvent an environment. By relying on natural products in our designs, we introduce a fourth element... the sensory experience of "feel." Our designs are exciting to the eye and soothing to the senses. Wood, stone, silk, linen, wool, grasses, water, and plant material meet artisans and craftsmen to become furniture, wall covering, custom carpentry, drapery, and floor covering. Art is the central emanating element throughout all of our work.

In creating new spaces we take on the onus of providing each element necessary in achieving design results. Style Infusion is a totally hands on firm. How does functionality meet beauty? How do we maximize the return on investment as it relates to budgeted funds towards any undertaking? All these considerations come together through communication and inspiration. We have fabricated a vast support network of professionals to provide us with services to turn our visions into reality.